Best Until Date

How old do you think you can go, realistically? Subtract your current age from that, you get how many more years you’ve got left. With the big assumption that life does not decide otherwise for you, that’s what you got to work with. You need to accept that we have a best until date. You can’t change that. Do you focus on the limited time and fret like there’s no tomorrow?Make yourself so worried that you forget TO LIVE? Waste all that time insisting the world should actually give you more time. DON’T. Just don’t. Plan on living and using that time we have left. Fight for more time, sure. But don’t think you can extend your best until date indefinitely. That just won’t do yourself any good.

So the big questions will be, who do you want to be until your best until date?

If you keep that in mind, our perspectives change a little. You get more real with yourself. You’ll find out what you really want. You may even make those hard decisions, because you’re pursuing the best possible life for yourself and those you consider as important to you.

As you define your life up to your best until date, my totally biased wish, is that you enrich the world with goodness in some manner. It doesn’t have to be something grandiose. Maybe its just being truly happy. That’s absolutely fine.

Jist don’t be dicks or assholes, we’re already exceeded the quota for those. We really don’t need more.

Mind that best until date.

An Opinion is just that – an Opinion

It seems to me that people forget that now. When people hear an opinion, they see it as an affront as to why that is not aligned with their opinion. Steam starts building, faces get red, fists start clenching, their butts start constricting hard. Consequently, the person expressing their opinion is a total idiot in their viewpoint. This strangeness is now prevalent on every level of discussion – political to religion to the right beer to drink or which Premiere league team truly is the best.

Maybe if it wasn’t too hard for people – it might be good to have people respect a differing opinion. If you don’t want to consider it, that’s your prerogative. But give the other guys some space to voice theirs. But if your mind is more open and truly available to objectively think about things and have a good healthy discussion, maybe it might even change some of your deeply seated opinions. Or maybe not. Growth is a good thing…right? Huh, why is your face turning red?

As all people know…

… every great adventure starts with two bags and a backpack and a person willing to cross oceans with them. At least, that’s what I would like to think.

Will people even read these thoughts? I don’t know. But maybe, just maybe, there’d be a few that when they read this, they’ll see that they were never alone. That there was someone having very similar “adventures’ in this great wide world.

These are my thoughts and I stand by them, however strange, or funny, or absolutely weird they may be. So, buckle up butter cup, things are about to get interesting.